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Home Design: Trends and Tips

Whether your décor vibe is the past or the future,a professional eye can give it a fresh edge. Hilary Prendini Toffoli gets a few pointers.

David Muirhead

David Muirhead

Muirhead started coordinating fabrics and furniture when he was a child and now has a Jozi-based décor company with his sister Mandy Groves which does high-end residential interiors and exclusive corporate and hospitality projects. Commissions have included the Presidential Suite at the Sandton Convention Centre and a soft refurbishment of the Beverley Hills Hotel. His Rooms on View stand was the World Cup’s VIP meeting space at the convention centre.

“We create spaces that often combine high glamour with warmth and functionality. Organic textures and neutrals play an important role in our aesthetics, although it can be the contrasts that create the magic – for example a grass mat within a modern sexy lounge flanked by velvet sofas and walls clad in natural timber.

“Design has moved into a streamlined, refined space where simplicity is key. It now allows more space for technology to be cleverly incorporated, making the home practical and efficient. However the overall aesthetic should breathe mood and ambience.

“Find a designer you trust at the beginning of the project. Allow the team creative licence. If you’re doing it yourself, keep it simple. Be realistic with a budget.

Cheapest is often not the best. Have an overall design and direction. Don’t make impulse buys that often don’t work. Don’t highlight details with colour that should not be highlighted – unattractive ceilings, windows, columns. Rather simplify. And have fun!”

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