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Five of South Africa’s most talented and inspiring designers were invited to showcase their signature styles as part of The Dulux Designer’s Pavilion at this year’s Rooms on View, All the designers rose to the challenge of representing any city in the world and their creations will wow you, We chatted to two of the Sandton-based designers to find out more.

David Muirhead’s creative designs and impeccable taste have made his company, David Muirhead and Associates, one of Joburg’s most in-demand design firms.

‘Design has always been my passion and as far back as I can remember I was always interested in fashion , photography, the arts and, most of all , interiors. I have a passion for beauty! Interior design takes great sensitivity as well as a sincere understanding of people. Design is never boring because each day is bright and full of endless

‘I was introduced to the interior world by Stephen Falcke and later had the good fortune to work for Trisha Wilson whom I found greatly inspirational. About four years ago I established David Muirhead and Associates with my sister Mandy Groves. We have a small , intimate design team and have an enormous amount of fun . Our work varies from boutique-style hotels and lodges to wonderful residential projects worldwide .

‘Our work has a classic foundation but we design for our clients and their tastes vary enormously. We really enjoy the diverse mix of cultures and influences.

‘Our stand at the Dulux Pavilion at Rooms on View is about the sensual style and quiet luxury that’s born and bred in Johannesburg .. . the rest is a secret! We were inspired by the people and dynamic melting pot of culture that is so apparent in Jozi.

‘Glamour is a classic trend and will be around for a while , however we’ ll certainly see more collected items being introduced into the home. I believe that the enormous advancement of technology will cause a burning desire for interiors to become ‘personal’. We’re moving into a time when we need personal contact .. . handwritten letters , appreciation of art and that which is not computer driven or produced will become very important to us. Time has become so valuable we need to feel touch and possibly love more. ‘Trends are not something that govern our style. I prefer to work with a client on a far more intimate level considering their specific needs carefully. However I love luxury and all the beauty which inspires us!

Reference: Get it Magazine | May 2007


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