design process

We capture the ideals held by the client from identifying key areas that the client would like to explore. We then align our expertise with those of the client to streamline our goals. During this stage we review all aspects pertaining to the structure of the interior, the timeline, the budget, and the desired outcome.

We then submit to the client for perusal and encourage the client to express his desire upon consultation with the team. Every detail appearing on the plan is examined individually and then as a whole to involve the client through the entire process.

After the client has approved the plan & overall concept, we commence with production & procurement. We make all the arrangements from supplier sourcing to securing contractor(s). We manage the project from conceptualisation until the final delivery – we are there to answer any queries, coordinate the layout of the materials, observe the process critically to ensure that the client receives full value for money and maintain the prescribed time limits.

We review the appearance of the setting when the work is completed and invite the client when we are satisfied.

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